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Clarification, Corrections

Thursday June 18, 2009 - 07:11:00 PM


John Gertz has informed the Daily Planet that the statement, “only religiously observant Jews should have any say about Israel,” from the June 4 story, “The Campaign against the Daily Planet,” does not accurately reflect his opinion. 



Mr. Gertz has informed the Planet that he did not tell a Planet reporter whether the businessman he describes as considering starting a local online newpaper is Jewish, and that he himself did not copy text from his website onto Indymedia sites as incorrectly assumed in a Daily Planet editorial. 


EDITORS NOTE: John Gertz and Jim Sinkinson have also sent letters to the Planet that contain further expressions of their opinions about the paper and the story about their campaign to shut it down. Upon reflection we have decided not to provide any more free space in our opinion pages for those whose expressed intention is to destroy the forum we provide. They may, if they wish, purchase advertising space to advance their opinions.