Thursday August 20, 2009 - 11:13:00 AM

In his Aug. 13 commentary “Crying Wolf at KPFA,” Akio Tanaka passed on a restatement by KPFA Board member Tracy Rosenberg of an e-mail by Daily Planet reporter J. Douglas Allen-Taylor. In the interests of clarification, the text of the original e-mail by Mr. Allen-Taylor to Ms. Rosenberg was as follows: In answer to a query by Ms. Rosenberg of the identity of the individual who first contacted the Planet about the alleged $100,000 transfer of funds from KPFA to Pacifica Foundation, Mr. Allen-Taylor replied “Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. It is my understanding that the individual who first contacted the Daily Planet has requested that their name not be associated with the story. As a professional journalist, I’m bound to honor that request.”