Drowned Body Found Near Berkeley Marina

By Richard Brenneman
Thursday September 03, 2009 - 11:22:00 AM

Coast Guard crew members pulled a man’s body from the waters of San Francisco Bay near the Berkeley Marina Wednesday morning, and investigators are trying to confirm if the body is that of a possible suicide reported to Richmond Police Aug. 24. 

U.S. Coast Guard spokesperson Petty Officer Pamela Manns reports that a boater called her agency after he spotted the body in the water near the Berkeley Marina.  

A boat crew dispatched from the Coast Guard’s Station San Francisco recovered the body, then transferred custody of the corpse to the Berkeley Fire Department. 

Manns said the Coast Guard is waiting for a positive identification, which would enable them to determine if the body is that of a man reported missing last week. 

Richmond police contacted the Coast Guard after they discovered a 20-foot vessel washed ashore Aug. 24, near Brickyard Cove. 

Following the discovery, a Coast Guard helicopter and rescue boat searched the bay waters for a body, but the hunt was suspended when no sign of the missing man was found, Manns said.