Thursday September 17, 2009 - 09:45:00 AM

To clarify Richard Brenneman’s Sept. 10 article, “Agrofuel Lab Appears Twice on Regent’s Slate”:   

The first version of the Helios project produced an EIR that was certified by the Regents. Save Strawberry Canyon sued and before the case went to trial, the regents decertified the EIR.  

The second version of the Helios project came out with an Initial Study Checklist, a public hearing, and a Strawberry Canyon location but a DEIR was never produced so there was no litigation. 

The third version of the Helios project has been broken down into two buildings—Helios East and West—for which there has not yet been an Initial Study or a Draft EIR and so there has been no litigation.   

It seems doubtful that the regents would be discussing the now mooted lawsuit in the closed session.