Public Comment

In Response to Fouda on Israel-Palestine

By Janna Sundeyeva
Thursday October 15, 2009 - 01:03:00 PM

Hassan Fouda in his Oct. 8 Commentary about Gaza tries to show that he cares about human being, about children and civilians. Nice intention. 

  Then why would he not mention in his article that Israelis made absolutely impossible and unprecedented efforts to avoid collateral damage: they called to houses before bombing and asked civilians to leave? 

Can you or him please update me about who else in the history of humankind was doing the same—call to the enemy side and ask civilians to leave the site? Nobody. Never. 

Can you imagine Soviet troops bringing medicine to German general Paulus who was surrounded in Stalingrad? Israelis delivered medicine and food to one of the most dangerous terrorists, Yasir Arafat, whose hands were covered with blood, who is a real gangster. 

Israel was doing this. Why? Because they are trying to use human language towards people who definitely do not understand human language, their ethical system is different. I think Israel was deadly wrong. 

Israelis always try to save life, life is important in Judaism. They save lives even of their enemies, sending them to Israeli hospitals. What are Arabs doing in these cases? We all remember what Arabs did to three unarmed Israeli reservists. They cut them in pieces and joyfully danced on the bodies shaking hands covered with blood and keeping in hands human liver. Of course, Hassan is not mentioning this. 

Can you please ask him to mention some facts when Arabs would save Israelis? As I see life is not important at all in Islam, if they send their kids to kill other kids on discos and restaurants, if they stoned their women, decapitate them, cut hands of children who stole a bagel. 

If Fouda tells us they are freedom fighters, come on. Ask him to visit doctor-psychiatrist ASAP. Why Fouda is not saying a word about who and why used women and kids as human shield which is real reason for them to be killed? Who kept them on the roof of school, hospital? Who taught them to carry suicide attacks? Who brainwashes them every second in school, on TV, everywhere? 

  Since when this is not war crime from Arabs against Arabs? Nobody justifies killing of children and innocent people. And nobody should justify using them as human shield. 

If he would really think about stopping the madness, Hassan should think about this: stop teaching hatred in Arab schools toward Israel and Jews. If Arabs would like to have piece, they had to accept Israel’s existence. 

But they don’t accept Israel as state. In this case what are we talking about? Israel has all rights and all oblications to defend her citizens. My understanding is that Israel is not using this right. 

  Arabs don’t want piece, they don’t need state, actually they have it—it’s Jordan. “Palestinian nation” is creation of the Soviet KGB, nothing more. There were no such nation. And no such state can be created. 

They don’t want jobs, life, state. If they would like normal life, they would have it long time ago. Look at this simple fact: when Israel left some villages at West Bank, they leave behind some green houses, factories. Guess, what happened to them? They were destroyed. If Arabs would like to have jobs and life, they would use it, but why should they work, if they have enough money for war? 

All they want is war, because they get money more than anyone else in the world (per capita). And they use it basically for war and guns. If they would destroy Israel, then they will start looking for another target, as they always did being in different states—and this is the reason why many Arab nations don’t want them. 

  I understand what Hassan Fouda is doing. He is rewriting history, he is picturing Israelis as monsters. Every civilized person who is able to read can find that this is absolute lie. He doesn’t say a word about Arabs killing their own people and then blaming Israelis for it. Arabs made complete staging of huge funeral and graves in Janin and had been caught on that. Now history repeat itself. Why do you allow Hassan to picture Israelis like monsters on your pages? Don’t you understand that if Israel’s goal would be destroying Palestinians it would be reached long time ago? Israel gave them guns, trained their police. All Israel wants is to have her right to exist to be accepted by neighbors. Is it really too much to ask about? Is it too much to ask for the state which made heaven in desert? 

  But the most important question is not for Hassan who is poor product of Arab brainwashing machine. The main question is for you: Why do you allow to use your newspaper to publish absolute lie about Israel army? Aren’t you as journalists supposed to learn and to double check before publishing so brutal lie? 


Janna Sundeyeva is a resident of San Francisco.