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Letters to the Editor: Health Care

Thursday November 12, 2009 - 09:43:00 AM

Doctors want to see patients and help people, not fill out paperwork. Give them one framework under which they perform their jobs, and every doctor will become more efficient. Want to save costs? Make it so those who spend decades learning their science spend their time using it, not wasting man months per year filling out differing insurance paperwork. 

Michael Tierney 



Each day we wait, 122 Americans die because of lack of health care. America can’t wait any longer! Everyone has the right to see a doctor when he or she is sick. America is only healthy if all of her citizens are healthy. 

Lucas Metcalf-Tobin 


Do not let the nay-sayers win! Stick to your guns. Single payer “neducare” health care system for all. Out with the insurance companies. They do not belong in health. Severely regulate the pharmaceutical companies. Clean up the hospitals. They are user unfriendly. Get the MD’s better educated. Entice more geriatric and gerontologist interns. We elderly need them. We need someone to go to to discuss being, who has some people skills, knows how to listen and can diagnose ... please! 

Marcia Berman 


One fact that is not mentioned in the health care reform debate is that the US now has almost no large scale first response public health capability. This would be needed in the event of a large scale natural disaster, pandemic or large scale terrorist event. Such work is not appropriate for private for profit—the local hospital—or non-profit organizations, such as the Red Cross. In other words, the US is essentially naked towards large scale health disasters. What ismore, the network of a robust public health network would provide a skeleton for public health for certain sections of the uninsured and homebound elderly—already a public health disaster in terms of preventing potentially fatal infections, such as cellulitis and pneumonia. 

Charles Davidson 


I am hesitant to sign this because to “pass nothing” once again would be too terrible. American health care is so expensive because it’s a business, big business rather than a right. I frankly don’t think that we can have universal health care until the profit motive is removed from the equation. 

Emily Benner 


Healthcare reform is long overdue for Americans. It is unjust that the average citizen must risk losing their job, their home and their financial security should they fall ill. It is also Usury to profit off of the illness of people. It is time to reign in those insurance companies who abuse and profit at the expense of the lives and well being of millions of Americans. 

I support fully a public option that offers Medicare for All. Those who want to keep their private insurance can have that choice. However their choice should not hinder those who would opt for Medicare. 

Once we take the profit out of healthcare, we will also begin to take responsibility to clean up our planet of the pollutants that are poisoning our waterways and air. Why? because there will no longer be great profits to be made by the pharmaceutical and health industries on the sickness of our people, much created by these toxins in our environment. 

This is a win win for the American people and for our planet. 

Bonnie L Carpenter 


It’s time the members of Congress truly represent the people, rather than just a few rabid, opinionated citizens, who are only interested in preserving their way of life. It is time the “me” is turned into the “we.” In today’s economy there is not room for selfishness. It is time we truly become a community that cares for the well-being of all residents and not just the few privileged. 

Cathie O’Hanks 

El Cerrito 


The most inexpensive and effective solution to this health care crises is to provide medicare for all. With the lowest administrative costs in the insurance industry, and the most efficient system so far devised, most people would be able to afford this plan. Be brave and face up to the behemoths who have grown greed to the detriment of the American people. 

Moona Reeva 


Thanks to all of the Congress Members who voted for a move toward non-profit health care for all Americans. Our country is moving into the mainstream of what most industrialized countries consider their duty to all citizens. Hopefully we have learned to stand as one country concerned about each other. 

Candace Hyde-Wang 


On Sat., Nov. 7th, a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives made history by passing H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. 

This is a critical first step towards creating a society that truly cares for all of its citizens. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Representative Barbara Lee for voting in favor of H.R. 3962 and resisting the tremendous pressure from the insurance industry lobbyists. 

I applaud this movement towards Health Care reform, however there is one major flaw that needs to be addressed. Included in the passage of H.R. 3962 was the last minute attachment of the Stupak/Pitts Amendment which restricts women’s access to abortion coverage in the private health insurance market, undermining the ability of women to purchase private health plans that cover abortion, even if they pay for most of the premiums with their own money. 

I did want to point out the Representative Barbara Lee did not vote in favor of this amendment. We absolutely need a major overhaul of our failing health care system, but slipping in eleventh hour amendments that take away women’s reproductive rights is not in line with this progress. 

Del Mulhem 


It is truly egregious that single payer health care is not an option which would truly help the deficit and regulate the insurance companies. 

I am a senior voter that has lots of time to contact other voters! 

Shang-Mei Lee 


Last night, Nov. 6, the House of Representatives made history by passing the first bill for comprehensive health care reform in our nation’s history. I want to thank Representative Lee along with her 219 colleagues who case their vote for this historic bill. 

While the House Bill (H.R. 3962) has its flaws, it will provide coverage for upwards of 36 million Americans and provide security and peace of mind for the rest of us. No longer will I worry about being unable to buy health insurance because of some minor pre-existing condition and no longer will I, as a woman, be forced to pay an exorbinant premium for that coverage. 

The 220 members of the House of Representatives who voted for this bill deserve our thanks, as does Speaker Pelosi who worked tirelessly to ensure its passage. Let us celebrate but also let us keep up the pressure and the momentum to finish the job and finally enact the health care reform that this country desperately needs. 

Laura Beckerman 


I am an avid supporter of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which, thanks to the perseverance and courage of a majority of representatives in the House, was passed yesterday. It is an astounding historical accomplishment that a bipartisan group of legislators managed to pass comprehensive health insurance reform. 

As a cancer survivor, I watched the progress and fits and starts as the legislation was developed, with much trepidation. My pre-existing condition was to have impaired my ability to buy supplemental health insurance one I gain Medicare coverage, so I have written often to local legislators, urging their support. It is high time for our country to provide secure coverage for American who do not have insurance! This bill is a much needed step in lowering costs for both families and businesses, and helping to reduce our huge deficit, inherited by the current administration. Thank you Barbara Lee for your courageous and historic vote! 

Lynn Garnica 


At last, after nearly a century of failed attempts to pass a comprehensive health insurance reform bill, courageous members of the House of Representatives put the health of the nation above personal interest and fear tactics. As a mental health professional and a health scholar, I know firs-hand the human cost of not being able to afford health insurance, of losing homes in order to pay for treatment, and of dying due to insurance companies refusing treatment. 

Thank you Mr. President and members of the House. I urge those members of the House who did not vote for this bill to put the health and well being of hard-working Americans first and support this bill in the upcoming final House vote. 

Yvette G. Flores, Ph.D. 


I am writing to say that I support Rep Lee’s vote in yesterday’s health care bill, HR 3962. America needs better health care and I am happy to live in a district where my representative understands this and is courageous enough to support the vision of stronger, healthier, and more fair America. 

Ian Schragg 


As someone trapped in a low paying job I cannot afford to quit, because losing my health insurance during a catastrophic illness would bankrupt me, I am incredibly grateful for Ms. Lee’s support of the bill that passed the House yesterday. With CA.’s disastrous unemployment rate and financial woes, there are undoubtedly millions of Californians in the same position as myself,or worse. 

My friends, family and co-workers alike all support the final passge through the Senate, and I sincerely hope that Ms. Lee will keep up the fight! 

Kathleen O’Connell 


A very special thanks to the members of the Congress who voted for the Healthcare Bill—some of us can and will defy Wall Street, the insurance companies, the Republicans and Democrats who oppose the bill. 

Those who did not vote for the bill have one last opportunity to reconsider and support reform in the upcoming final House vote, and they should do so. The media should should take note too. 

Reaz Haque 


I am proud to be a constituent in Barbara Lee’s 9th Congressional District. Our Congresswoman led the Congressional Black Caucus and others to victory on Saturday. In the 9th District alone 57,000 uninsured will be eligible for affordable health care and around the Bay Area, countless thousands will receive health care. This is an occasion in our history that is truly momentous and I will look forward to the joyful day when a healthcare bill with a robust public option is on the President’s desk.  

Liz Raymer 


For Democrats to bend and conform to the party that lost power due to it’s proven failures to do the right thing again and again is ridiculous. We need the real change that was promised during the campaign and is now sadly being swallowed by a wrongheaded agenda of bi-partisanship. If the other had good ideas it would not be so mis-guiged, but the so called “free market” way has had it’s chance for 30 years now and has put us where we are today. That is greater concentration of wealth at the top and poorer environmental regulation than since the 70s. Time to demand real change and equality for all. 

Don DeLaCruz 


My 84 year-old heart beat louder through my tears as I heard the good news late last night. Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, our local representative and many others who fought hard and smart against gross misrepresentations by the opposition. For those who are speculating and planting fears about higher premiums, damage to Medicare and group insurance coverage, loss of control over selecting our own physicians, higher taxes on our wealthy destroying our economy, raising our deficit and a significant loss of jobs, I ask if you will be willing to publicly support the new health care system in the future: 

1. If we find that health insurance premiums are rising less than had we maintained the status quo? 

2. If we find that Medicare and group insurance coverage are enhanced rather than degraded? 

3. If we find that we have not lost control over selecting our own physicians? 

4. If we find that our deficit has been reduced and our economy has been enhanced and not crippled by asking the wealthy to help pay for a universal health care system? 

5. If we find that the new health care system creates a net increase in new jobs vs maintaining the status quo? 

I will be willing to hold the new system accountable to these criteria in the hope that my children, grand children and great grand children, and everyone in the US will have access to affordable, quality health care. 

Bruce Copeland 


I am very healthy 53 year-old woman who has been looking to find medical insurance. I am very willing to pay for good medical insurance. I am also premenopausal and I do not have regular menstral periods any longer. This has been the reason why I have been rejected by health insurance companies! I need to have a regular menstral period? Things have definately gotten out of hand and now for the first time, I see some hope. This is the very first time a chamber of Congress has ever passed comprehensive health insurance reform. This is a historic accomplishment! Please get out and vote! 

Lisa Fitch