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A Joycean Christmas

Thursday December 17, 2009 - 08:50:00 AM

Berkeley’s Wilde Irish is tying on a good one at 8 p.m. tonight through Saturday: A Joycean Christmas, at the Gaia Center, 2116 Allston Way. “It’ll be like the party from ‘The Dead,’” avers producer Breda Courtney—meaning, of course, the famous yuletide tale of an epiphany (which, many will recall, inspired John Huston’s final film) from James Joyce’s The Dubliners, from which the company will enact “Araby,” as well as the Christmas table scene from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  

Breda herself will be playing, as well as artistic director Stephanie Courtney and some Wilde Irish “home team” actors: Howard Dillon, Jena Rose, Martin Waldron and others, including Andrus Nichols, Gwyneth Richards, Eddie Fitgerald, Ian Boyle, Gideon Lazarus, Shay Black, Shellie Lynn Johnson and Victor Ballesteros. There will, of course, be singing, and Diana Rowan at the Irish harp. $25 includes wine and mulled wine, plus flaming plum pudding. 644-9940.