Page One


By Lizz Bronson
Wednesday December 30, 2009 - 09:14:00 AM



guardian angels keep close eye citizens of sky angle curve stitch fly  


Revolution a whisper in streets  

Air heavy with dreams deferred  

What is a city without its people  

Guarded by birds  

Doves stitch sunset sunrise sparrows spool whistle quilts  


Berkeley with your  

dissenters nomads derelicts  

Berkeley with your  

circus ring leaders and shopping cart caravans  

Berkeley with your  

tree sitters whale huggers tie dye sky 

Berkeley with your  

protesters handcuff buildings no bomb signs  

Berkeley with your  

Campanile suspends falling sky 

Berkeley with your  

tulip poplars anchoring floating sidewalks  

Berkeley with your  

Nomads slumberbag doorways 

Berkeley with your  

derelict whatever -you-can-spare-- without -hurting---yourself  

Berkeley with your  

echoes of pimps and hoes and people who loved them  

Berkeley with your  

Balls courts hoops brothas eyein’ ghetto goddesses gudunkadunks  

Berkeley with your  

temples of pages that make me dream of griffins  

amid buildings toppled by graffiti 

street people pushing carts  

and students carrying books across a university  

Pigeons carry worries into the sky and plant hope seeds into sidewalks  

Our yellow snapdragon dreams spout pavement cracks  

all these things I’m in and am