Berkeley High Student Suspended for Possession of Marijuana Cookies

By Riya Bhattacharjee
Thursday February 11, 2010 - 09:29:00 AM

A Berkeley High School student has been suspended for handing out marijuana-laced cookies to his friends.  

The school administration sent an e-mail to the Berkeley High e-tree Monday, Feb. 8, notifying the school community that two students walking across the campus courtyard saw another student with a container of cookies and asked for one.  

After eating the cookie both students became ill, enough to seek medical attention. During the medical visit, it was determined that the cookie contained marijuana.  

The student who was giving out the cookies was identified and suspended immediately.  

The BHS e-mail advised students to “use good judgment” when accepting food from others.  

The incident was reported to the Berkeley Police Department.  

Berkeley Police Department spokes-person Andrew Frankel said that Berkeley police were investigating “a furnishing of marijuana” case involving three students—two female seniors who received a suspected marijuana cookie from a male suspect, a junior.  

Frankel said he could not share any other specifics of the case because it was still under investigation.  

Calls to the police and to Vice Principal Vernon Walton for comment were not returned by press time.