Flash: BLOGS! IN BERKELEY? and beyond...

Sunday February 21, 2010 - 12:12:00 AM

This is an arbitrary and eclectic selection of some local blogs we think are worth reading: 


Eric Klein's new blog Eric has broadcast the Berkeley City Council for KPFA for several years without punching anyone out, for which he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Jane Stillwater Jane is a world traveler, world-class kvetcher and idolatrous grandmother. 

Richard Brenneman Richard is a veteran reporter who served meritoriously for many years at the Berkeley Daily Planet and is an expert on both Buckminster Fuller and Roman Polanski (an odd couple if ever there was one.)  

Carol Polsgrove Carol has been both a working journalist and a professor of journalism, two professions that don't always go together. She's sometimes in Berkeley but mostly beyond.