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The Permit Process and More

Sas Colby
Wednesday March 24, 2010 - 04:42:00 PM

As a regular reader of Daily Planet I want to add my voice to those who are saddened by the loss of the print version. 

Also, my sympathies to the O'Malleys for the difficult financial and legal situation they find themselves in. The paper is an invaluable source of local information and a great addition to neighborhood life in Berkeley. Having recently gone through the draconian permitting process in order to replace my 1920's falling down garage with a new and useful building, I was stunned by the blatant disregard of city laws as reported in the story of Ryan Lau. Everyone knows a permit is needed to demolish, and another to build. 

Throughout the months 

of planning my building I was continually amazed that the city didn't have a handout that outlined all the requirements. Instead it seemed necessary to go downtown, take a number and wait for a consultation where I would receive the next instructions for what seemed like Mission Impossible. Thankfully, my architect and contractor knew what they were doing and my new building is an asset to both myself and the neighborhood. Perhaps the "trial by fire" at the Planning Department gives the building some additional magic. 

I was also moved to read Susan Parker's recent piece updating her progress though life. I feel as if I know her after reading her columnand have only admiration for the steadfastness, humor and intelligence she demonstrates in the face of difficulty. She is a good role model in these times. You go girl! 

Thank you Berkeley Daily Planet for keeping us all in touch. Berkeley needs you. May you prevail.