Worth a Look

By Becky O'Malley
Thursday April 01, 2010 - 10:39:00 PM

Some interesting links to relevant pieces appearing elsewhere: 


This discussion of Mitch Kapor's planned palace at 2707 Rose Steet is VERY long, but worth reading. 

Does anyone but me remember how the architect for this project, Marcy Wong, engineered the effective (and probably illegal) demolition of the historic old Edy's ice cream building on South Shattuck to replace it with an ugly and now-vacant Eddie Bauer's outlet? Some people just have friends in the right places. 


Journalism 101--today's softball follow-up by a Chronicle staff writer to yesterday's hard-hitting expose by a "Special to the Chronicle" independent journalist cited in our editorial today:  

UC head forms panel to tackle cost of athletics  

by Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer 


Sunshine at The Nation: 

Open Letter to Berkeley Students on their Historic Israeli Divestment Bill  

by Naomi Klein,The Nation  


Follow the money: 

Lawrence Berkeley Lab gets $18M for biofuels research center  

by Steven E.F. Brown,San Francisco Business Times