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Berkeley Arts Festival Will Use the New Magnes Museum Building in May

By Bonnie Hughes
Wednesday April 14, 2010 - 04:31:00 PM

Hooray! The Berkeley Arts Festival finally has a home thanks to the Judah L. Magnes Museum. They are generously letting us use the space at 2121 Allston Way where they will move from their Russell Street location in 2011. We will be there for the entire month of May. With little lead time for scheduling we ask you to check this space regularly for newly scheduled events. We will open with a concert by pianist Sarah Cahill on May 1. Among others taking part in the Festival will be John Schott, Dan Plonsey, Jerry Kuderna, Dean Santomieri, Graham Connagh, Bill Crossman and India Cooke, and many, many more.  


The full May schedule: 


1 — Opening Concert: Pianist Sarah Cahill 

2 — Dazzling Divas Pamela Connelly, Kathleen Moss and Eliza OMalley and pianist Hadley McCarroll 

5, 6 & 7 — Return of John Schott's Typical Orchestra with Steve Adams, John Hanes, and Dan Seamans 

7 — Pianist Jerry Kuderna lunch concert, noon 

9 — India Cooke-Bill Crossman Duo, improv and compositions for violin and piano 

12 — Poetry reading Peter Dale Scott, Chana Bloch, Diana O'Hehir, Sandra Gilbert, 7:30pm 

14 — Kuderna lunch concert, noon 

14 — Berkeley CO and War Resisters Film Night 

15 — Jerry Kuderna, piano and Anna Carole Dudley 

19 — Dean Santomieri, multimedia with Julie Oxendale 

21 — Kuderna lunch concert, noon 

21 — Steve Adams-John Hanes ambient duo with video projections 

25 — Graham Connah's "Ted 'Lachrymose' Brinkley's Horrnblower Cruise" big band and glee club 

26 — Sarah Wilson Quintet with John Schott, Sheldon Brown, Jordan Glenn and Lisa Mezzacappa 

27 — The D'Armous Boone Experience 

28 — Kuderna lunch concert, noon 

28 — Phillip Greenlief's Citti di vitti with John Hanes and Lisa Mezzacappa 

30 — Dan Ploney's Daniel Popsickle--Bar Mitzvah and Pekar Opera 

31 — Arnie Passman's Ghandi Tribute 


All at 8 pm unless otherwise noted