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Protest Against BP at the Helios Lab Construction Site

By Nathan Pitts
Saturday May 22, 2010 - 05:28:00 PM

Here is a little clip of some of the protest outside the Helios construction site.
Mainly I got Michael Delacour speaking.
Michael talks about his experiences working as a welder in the oil industry—about unions, and how that the rig that went up in the gulf was not a union rig. 

Footage: UC Berkeley Police stop by to check on their toxic assets. A $500Mil project, it is the largest corporate deal made in conjunction with any university. The name is a misnomer given that the Helios project has nothing to do with solar energy. Rather it will be a research facility for more petroleum exploits. There is also a secondary goal of growing bio-engineered switch-grass in South America, cutting down more trees to grow the bio-engineered grass. BP will control all research, treating professors and students as BP employees.