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New: What's New on Friday

Friday May 28, 2010 - 02:26:00 PM

How to report the news continues to be a question. Today (Friday) we’ve been flooded with interesting press releases, and even with Riya’s help I can’t possibly re-write them all to appear that we did original reporting to dig up the information. And besides, I’m thoroughly bored with that technique, a staple of conventional reporting in the many years since I started as a journalist. So what I’ve done instead, thanks to the magic of modern word processing, is simply to swallow them whole: to post full releases, and rely on the good sense of the readers to ignore any hype the senders might have added. 

The ones I’ve chosen from the many I’ve gotten are from individuals and organizations whose good faith I tend to trust. Some which will be obsolete by Tuesday are in the current issue, while others can be found by clicking on “next issue”. The next issue has lots of other good things on inline already too, especially commentary from a number of very well-informed readers (and the usual quota of grouches).