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Three Short Letters of Complaint About Conditions In South Berkeley

By Jerome Wiggins
Monday June 07, 2010 - 09:27:00 PM
Jerome Wiggins

We taxpaying property owners in South Berkeley have to be subjected to the Drop In Center and its dope problem, the illegal housing conversion at 3228 Adeline(Carlson bldg), people getting killed on the corner of Harmon and Adeline due to excessive speed in the corridor, continued lack of enforcement by the city of preferential street parking despite the fact those of us with ZERO street parking are fattening the city’s coffers by paying the permits for preferential street parking, and last but not least, the ongoing street trash problem of Domino’s and the other local businesses. Yet if these instances were occurring in any other part of the city of Berkeley, I would not be writing this email because it would not be an issue, now would it? 

(PS: I left off the pigeon crap and the growing pigeon problem and the recent shooting in front of Sweet Adeline’s bakery.)  


In late December 2009 and /or early January 2010 as follow-up to a meeting I had with the City of Berkeley City Manager., the city issued a notice to the owner of the above referenced property of city housing, health and fire violations and ordered the vacating of the premises. As of March 2010, the property had been re-rented out again with a new set of tenants living in these illegally converted units in the building, which continues to be a safety and health hazard to the residents now living in the building and to the community as well. The sighting of these new occupants was also confirmed by Sam Dyke of People’s Bazaar. 

The commercial property which is at 3228 Adeline street (Carlson building) illegally converted the ground floor commercial space to substandard housing. I complained to the city about the problem in December 2009, and they inspected it, found it be illegal, and it’s my understanding ordered the property vacated.Recently the property has been reoccupied, moving in new people who appear to be so-called students who are living in there.  

You know we have had another shooting on the South Berkeley /North Oakland border one evening after 6 pm, resulting in another death. This is the second or the third shooting in the last two weeks. The Berkeley iron triangle appears to be the 62nd/King Street area.  


And just so you know a gentlemen living in the Lorin station housing complex at Adeline and Harmon was struck by a car at the intersection. He was disabled and was stuck in his wheelchair.