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New: City of Berkeley Drops News Scan Service

Thursday June 24, 2010 - 10:28:00 AM

[Editor's note: We learned today with regret via the notice below that the City of Berkeley has decided to cancel its valuable News Scan Service. It has provided an invaluable way for city employees and citizens to find out how the city is being perceived in the local and national media. The city's tightly controlled public relations office is not a substitute for the independent and diligent News Scan, nor is the Convention Bureau.And a media list which does not include online publications, in the age of the Internet, is sorely deficient, since these days most news about Berkeley can be found only online. ] 


News Scan
We are sorry to announce that due to this year’s budget reductions, the News Scan service will be eliminated June 24. There are a broad variety of alternate ways to collect online news and information about the City of Berkeley. Below are just a few suggestions: 

City News Page: In order to ensure residents can still get regularly updated information about the City, we have created a City of Berkeley News Page. It connects readers with information about events, programs, and important web content and web services. Similar to your News Scan subscription, you can subscribe to the News Page and be notified when the page is updated (about twice a week). Just visit for more information and to subscribe.

Events and Activities: Public meetings, programs and events that are sponsored by the City of Berkeley can be found on that page, or on the City’s Community Calendar. 

For a detailedguide to Berkeley, including restaurants, accommodations, outdoor activities, shopping districts and a calendar of events, please visit theBerkeley Convention and Visitors Bureau. They are the City’s partner in promoting Berkeley’s many cultural and culinary activities, and provide a wealth of information for visitors and residents alike. 

Media List: You can also check out ourmedia listto see a list of print and broadcast news outlets in the Bay Area. Web-only publications are not included on that list, but can easily be discovered via almost any search engine.