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Grandmothers Against the War Reach Out

By Grandmothers Against the War
Tuesday July 20, 2010 - 06:51:00 AM

For the past several Thursdays from noon to 1:00 pm a group of older women activists have gathered at the south-west corner of Union Square in San Francisco to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are Grandmothers Against the War (Bay Area). We are sometimes twelve and sometimes only four or five but we plan to continue bringing our leaflets and signs every Thursday. We invite you to join us. 

GAW, originally formed in 2005 to protest the war in Iraq, has participated in many actions and held a number of forums, first on the war in Iraq and more recently on the war in Afghanistan. However, recently we grew tired of preaching to the converted and so we decided to try something new. Emulating our sisters in New York City, who picket at Rockefeller Plaza every Wednesday, we decided to go to Union Square. So far we like our choice - we meet tourists getting on and off tour buses, San Franciscans on their way from here to there and workers from the many stores and businesses in the area looking for a little fresh air during lunch hour. 

Folks are mostly friendly, rarely hostile (although it has happened) and a few want to chat. We think it is worth reaching out in San Francisco so that people can see our GRANDMOTHERS AGAINST THE WAR banner and our signs and at least have to think about whether or not to take our fliers which urge them to contact President Obama and Congressional Representatives and tell them to bring the troops home now.  

We hope you will consider joining us . It's an easy BART ride from Berkeley to the Powell Street station and then three blocks up Powell to Geary. You'll find us there every Thursday from noon to 1:00 pm. Come for the hour, for half an hour, for a few minutes. We'd love to see you. 

To learn more about GAW check out our web site:; email us at ; write to us at PO Box 9476, Berkeley, CA 94709; or call us at (510) 845-3815.