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Candidates File for Berkeley's November Elections

By Becky O'Malley with Charlotte Perry-Houts
Monday August 09, 2010 - 07:15:00 PM

Friday was the last day for candidates for Berkeley city offices to file the requisite paperwork to appear on the November ballot. 

In District 1, long-time incumbent Linda Maio will be challenged by Jasper Kingeter, Anthony Di Donato and Merrilie Mitchell. 

In District 4, Councilmember Jesse Arreguin, who was elected two years ago after Dona Spring’s death, will be running for a full four year term this time. Challengers include Eric Panzer, Jim Novosel and Bernt Wahl. 

Councilmember Kriss Worthington will have a third rematch in District 7 with perennial candidate George Beier, this time joined by newcomer Ces Rosales. 

In District 8, two-term incumbent Gordon Wozniak will face Stewart Emmington Jones and Jacquelyn McCormick. 

Candidates for Rent Board Commissioner include a tenant-backed slate of incumbents: Dave Blake, Lisa Anne Stephens, Pam Webster, Jesse Townley , Katherine Harr and first-timer Asa Dodsworth. Other candidates are Marcia Levenson , Tamar Larsen and George Perezvelez. 

In the Berkeley Unified School district race, Karen Hemphill is running for a second term. New candidates are Joshua R. Daniels, Norma J.F. Harrison, Julie Holcomb, Priscilla Myrick and Leah T. Wilson. 

School board candidates have until Wednesday to file, because incumbents Nancy Riddle and Shirley Issel are not running again, which automatically extends the filing period. 

Incumbent City Auditor Ann-Marie Hogan is running unopposed for City Auditor. 

Several candidates, present at the City Clerk's office to make sure all went as planned, took the opportunity to make statements for a Planet reporter.  

Rent Board member Dave Blake commented that "I'm sure if we all win, the Rent Board will do the best job it's ever done."

Asa Dodsworth said that he hopes to be the first Berkeley born and raised elected official.

District 8 Councilmember candidate Stewart Jones hopes to get a chance to fix what he thinks is wrong with the current state of the city: "Unfortunately, city governance is moving in the wrong direction and I believe it is time for new leadership."