Election Section

Planet Launches "Election Section" This Week

Tuesday September 07, 2010 - 01:18:00 PM

It’s not too easy to find, but the Berkeley City Clerk’s website now lists all candidates’ statements and other information, along with some pretty bad photos, here. Since the city form limits candidate statements to a rather small number of words (and often, of course, weasel words) they don’t tell you much. That’s why the Planet is starting an Election Section this week, to give candidates (and ballot measure commentators) ample room to make themselves perfectly clear. 

We hereby invite any and all candidates to submit as many and as full statements as they want, which we will publish here. We’ll also include notices of election-related events: parties, forums, whatever’s going on. Please send all of these to us either in the body of an email or as Word .doc file attachments, to election@berkeleydailyplanet.com.