Remembering Pat Cody

By Becky O'Malley
Friday October 01, 2010 - 01:13:00 PM

Last night (Thursday) we were sorry to learn that Berkeley’s beloved Pat Cody, who founded Cody’s Books along with her late husband Fred, had died at 5:30, with her children at her side. They have written an obituary which can be found here, and we would also like to invite any of the many people whose lives she and Fred touched to send us their memories of her for publication. 


Among her many generous acts, she was a loyal supporter and occasional contributor to the Planet. She wrote us concise letters on various topics great and small. 


When an appropriate memorial is being considered, here’s one of her suggestions for improving Berkeley: 



Many of us elders walk daily for our health and for errands, as we no longer drive. I want to advocate more resting stops, like the ones found at bus stops, but scattered through neighborhoods where buses do not go. Lack of such benches keeps many elders virtually housebound.  


Pat Cody  

Anyone who has yard space could put out a small bench with Pat’s name on it, and those who don’t have space could organize a modest campaign to provide such benches for public areas. This would be a simple but effective way of honoring her memory and continuing her tradition of public service. 


Dorothy Bryant’s 2003 profile of Pat can be found here.