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BAHA Election Information Available Online: BAHA endorsement: Vote No on Measure R

Tuesday October 05, 2010 - 01:18:00 PM


The Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association has come out against Measure R.  

The reasons are outlined in a flier available for download from the BAHA website: 

In an effort to provide election information concerning
preservation issues
to its members and the voting public, the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA) has published the following three items on its website.

Candidates' responses to BAHA questionnaire
BAHA invited the 14 candidates running for City Council to answer three questions relating to pressing preservation issues.
The questions are:
1. Do you support Measure R? Specifically, how do you think its enactment would affect historic resources in Downtown Berkeley?
2. Measure R would allow two mixed-use buildings and one hotel that could reach 180 feet in height and be located anywhere within the Downtown Core. Should Downtown Berkeley have any new buildings taller than 120 feet? Please elaborate.

3. The University of California is expanding beyond the campus. Should new UC buildings outside the campus conform to the City of Berkeley's zoning laws as regards height and bulk?
Ten candidates responded, and their answers are published on the BAHA website:
BAHA does not endorse candidates for public office.
Measure R - Claims vs. Facts
Retired city planner John English analyzes several key aspects of Measure R. For each of them, he compares proponents' deceptive wording, as quoted from the voter's pamphlet, with what the measure itself does or doesn't prescribe.
Mr. English's analysis is published on the BAHA website: