New: NEW! Cartoon Page--and Sam Zell Cartoon Contest Announcement

Sunday October 10, 2010 - 12:25:00 AM

We've been getting a flood of great political cartoons, thanks to (former Berkeleyan) Dan O'Neill's organizing ability, so we've given them their own section. This week we have Dan O'Neill's Odd Bodkins: "No Banjo",
Joseoh Young's BOUNCE: "Flashback to Tomorrow" and "Pepperland Trouble", and
Bob Crabb's "Return of the Jer-I". 

And also, we've been inspired to hold a contest for all interested political cartoonists. The deadline is coming right up. 

As we say in today's editorial, we have announced the Planet’s Sam Zell cartoon contest (funded by the O’Malley family and friends as a public service). We’ll pay $500 for the best editorial cartoon which depicts Sam Zell (not a pretty fellow, judging by his picture in the Times) in bed with the League of Women Voters on one side and the Sierra Club on the other. 

The deadline is next Monday. Entries should be sent to, with a subject line containing the words CARTOON CONTEST. All entries will be published here, and readers will be able to vote for their favorite. If you know any cartoonists, tell them about it. 

Dan O'Neill 


"Flashback to Tomorrow" and "Pepperland Trouble" 


Bob Crabb