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Monday October 18, 2010 - 09:09:00 PM

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Economic History 


The moneymakers decided in 1973 to hike the price of oil by 400% and ensure that the sale of oil would be restricted to dollars only and that the monstrous amounts of petrodollars, generated thus by the Arabs, would be reinvested in specific banks in New York and London. 


Subsequently, as economic history will reveal clearly, the moneymakers started lending monstrous amounts of money to nations worldwide, to help them pay for their enormous oil bills. This secret deal with the Saudis and subsequently with OPEC on the sale of oil has been the foundation of the dollar economy from that time on. This monstrous plan created petrodollars worldwide and exploded all over the place. 


The global extension or global ballooning of the dollar, the petrodollar, backed by oil. It can always be exchanged for the real thing, oil; and because everyone needs oil, everyone was forced to use petrodollars, now petrodollars were forced on them. This would suck them deeper into debt and the sinking sands of their monetary system through this secret oil-for-dollar currency deal. 


This secret weapon involves the dollar, to subdue and control the world economy, and has been effectively in use ever since 1973. So in conclusion, why didn’t the dollar crash? Because the petrodollar was created in secret in 1973 and executed and enforced in 1974, blamed on the Arabs, but actually the moneymakers staged the whole thing! 


Ted Rudow III,MA 




Here we go again. The big polluters and their lobbyists are back at it with even more destructive antics, this time advocating for free rein to recklessly dump global warming pollution in the air. And the worst part of it all? The special interests keep increasing attempts by some members of Congress to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating stationary sources emissions for two years is plain acceptable. We need strong and bold solutions to tackle rising global temperatures, and we need them now. It's time to hold corporate polluters accountable for their actions. While they aren't payable their fair share, everyday Americans are suffering the consequences of Big Oil's irresponsibility. 

Diane Tarver 


Protecting Tenants 

I think that you guys would be doing a great public service if you did an article on which lists Slum Land Lord Hall of Famers in the Bay Area. It would inform and be a tool to protect the Berkeley tenant population from renting from Slum Land Lords.

Ben Gammon