Press Release: Nine Robbery Suspects Arrested by Berkeley Police

From Sgt. Mary Kusmiss
Wednesday December 15, 2010 - 10:05:00 AM

Members of the City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) have made nine (9) arrests of robbery suspects citywide in recent days. The arrests were a result in part by a departmental focus that included crime analysis, increased communication and the use of additional BPD personnel to concentrate patrol in several areas of the city that were identified as locations where robberies have taken place. 

The nine arrests were for crimes that occurred throughout the city. In late November, BPD identified a potential series of five (5) pedestrian armed robberies that were happening north of University Avenue. One of the nine individuals arrested was caught leaving the area north of University Avenue after a robbery. 

BPD Robbery detectives are continuing follow up work on these cases which includes the arrest that may be related to the series in North Berkeley. BPD does not want to compromise any of these ongoing investigations thus BPD is not currently sharing the names or photographs of the suspects that have been arrested. 

BPD would like to thank the community for their interest and participation in solving any robbery series. Community members are always encouraged to call BPD to report suspicious cars and/or individuals and offer as much detail as possible when doing so. 

BPD is also reminding community members to employ some simple crime prevention measures such as walking with another in the evenings and not talking on cell phones or listening to devices such as MP3 players and iPods as they limit awareness. 

If anyone has any information regarding any crimes, please call the BPD Non-Emergency Dispatch Line at (510) 981-5900. For crimes in progress or crimes that have just happened, please call 911 or (510) 981-5911 from your cell phone.