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Tuesday January 04, 2011 - 07:41:00 PM

The Oaks Theater is No More! Witch Hunt; Cursed Cell Phones! The Truth about the Tea Party Movement; The New Left; No Need to Close the Warm Pool in June; Clarification  

The Oaks Theater is No More! 

We went to Howl. Dark totally. 

No marquee, zip nada. 

Yesterday they offered HOWL for tonight, now nothing. 

Phone disconnected. 

Very very sad. 

Laura X 

* * * 

Witch Hunt 

Daniel Issa is about to head up a 'Witch hunt' against Obama. 

Issa as the incoming Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee vows to get President Obama. He even calls Obama one of the most corrupt presidents. Already cocked and loaded with subpoena power and some 208 'hearings' scheduled to investigate Stimulus Corruption, BP, Obama's Czars,Issa, vows to get President Obama. He even calls Obama one of the most corrupt presidents, So, Issa will spend his time ignoring the crooks on Wall Street and the-on going wars which have spent trillions. 

Richard Nixon, as a member of the House Un-American Activities Committee, received national attention for his hostile questioning of Alger Hiss. In 1950 he was elected to the Senate following a bitter campaign in which he unfairly portrayed his opponent as a communist sympathizer; the epithet "Tricky Dick" dates from this period. They wouldn't listen to us about Nixon and his perfidy, but now he is exposed and deposed! 

Ted Rudow III,MA 

* * * 

Cursed Cell Phones! 

In the Holy Spirit/Newman Hall Chapel on Dwight Way, serving the campus community, there's large screen to the left of the altar. It bears the message, "God is present in this gathered assembly. He doesn't need cell phones to reach you." We're then asked to turn off all cell phones and pagers, whereupon there's a flurry of activity with parishioners digging in vest pockets and handbags to turn off the offending item before Mass begins. 

As a devout Catholic I've never for one moment doubted that God IS present at ALL times—not only in church but in such unlikely places as restaurants, theaters, and Trader Joe's. It pains me to think that He must listen to pathetic pleas for health, prosperity and reduced mortgage payments millions of times a day! Indeed, it's my fervent hope that our Heavenly Father will deactivate all cell phones, rendering them useless (except for emergencies) for the good of mankind. In my humble opinion this world would be a far better place were it not for that instrument of the Devil 

Dorothy Snodgrass 

* * * 

The Truth about the Tea Party Movement 

There's something I've got to get off my back before we have to go through another year of Tea Party hyperbole. Most people are still in the dark about the Tea Party movement. 

The Tea Party came into existence after the election of our first president of color. Since then, there has been a constant attack of President Obama by these so-called patriots. 

The Tea Party is 99% white. Hmmm. What does this tell you about this clan and is it representative of the American society? 

The Tea Party is not your quintessential "mom and pops" grassroots movement unless you see "grassroots" to be the home of racism, religious bigotry and hatred. 

Tea Party Republicans are middle-of-the-road racists and are a backlash of angry and frustrated people who see the American dream slipping through their fingers and have pegged President Obama as the perfect person to blame for their predicament. 

The Tea Party is a composite of anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-immigration remnants and its manifesto could be "Keep America white." 

The Tea Party is an anomaly on the American landscape, a paraphrase for all that is wrong in America, and a ghost from our racist past. 

If only we could put this subject to rest and throw it out in the trash. 

Ron Lowe  

* * * 

The New Left 

The polls, well, they don't mean a thing. 

We have a new ref in the ring. 

While nobody budges 

The wills of the judges, 

New centrists are seen as left wing. 

Ove Ofteness 

* * *  

No Need to Close the Warm Pool in June 

The June warm-pool closure that pool users have been warned about may be unnecessarily pessimistic as “phase II” work is slated to commence only after “phase I” work, the stadium, is complete; the latter is behind schedule and according to the director of facility planning at the school district phase II is most likely to be delayed for three months beyond June. 

It would be premature for the city parks department to schedule a June shutdown of warm-pool programs; instead the city should plan to keep the warm-pool operational as long as possible with a very tentative September date or even later as a possibility. 

A thousand people have used the warm-pool at BHS during the past 2 or 3 years and the pool has become a hugely important resource for the disabled. I urge all players to work for the continuity of the warm-pool and its current system of programs 

Terry Cochrell 

* * * 


I noticed an inaccuracy in your December 1st column titled "Can KPFA Be Saved?" In the column you mention the Land Use Report, produced by KUSP volunteer Gary Patton. The issue with the Land Use Report was a failure to make clear to the audience professional relationships the producer had with subjects he was covering – a critical issue for the vast majority of people concerned with informing the public. Our station management and Mr. Patton worked out a new policy for disclosing these relationships. This improved the public service the Land Use Report provides and our working relationship with a valuable community volunteer. 

J.D. Hillard 

Talk and Information Producer 

Central Coast Public Radio KUSP