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Sunday January 09, 2011 - 07:36:00 PM

There's a proposal afoot to turn Berkeley's public housing over to a private non-profit developer. Lynda Carson has been spotlighting the story on the Indybay website

Now it's been picked up by " the Harvard Business Review for the nonprofit sector", Non-Profit Quarterly , and has garnered some interesting comments about the pay scales for independent non-profits. It's a confusing story, worth following. 

Another story which continues to have legs in other media is the question of the effect of unfunded pension liabilities on public budgets. A recent story by Daniel Borenstein in the Contra Costa Times reports with a lot of sturm and drang that Berkeley Auditor Anne Marie Hogan pointed out last fall that Berkeley's apt to suffer along with everyone else as CalPers goes down the tubes, given that our public employees are numerous and very well paid. . 

And local writer H. Scott Prosterman weighs in on Daily Kos on the Tucson tragedy.