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Support the Egyptians Now

By Julie Ross
Wednesday February 02, 2011 - 10:30:00 AM

I hope to see thousands of Americans on the street yelling and holding signs saying "Mubarek Go NOW!" We need to support the Egyptian people's desperate struggle for freedom. I heard a man in Cairo being interviewed this morning and the interviewer asked him if he would stop protesting now because of the violence. He said "Never. For the first time I feel like a man. I never knew freedom before but now I have freedom." When asked if he expected to be protesting for a year he said, "Inshallah, I will always protest for freedom." 

It would be a powerful support for Egyptians if thousands of Americans everywhere protested the Mubarek regime with them. And God knows, it would help America's ugly image which is so tarnished by support of monstrous regimes in Egypt and everywhere it pays us. 

I urge people to try to be as tech savvy as Egyptians and get on Face Book and Twitter and organize a movement that can't be stopped by Mubarek's police.