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Wednesday February 09, 2011 - 10:45:00 AM

Reader Victor Herbert suggests three new links, and we found more:

The Daily Cal looks into Berkeley's very slow start getting pot measures S & T into action.

Have we succeeded in keeping those Rapid Transit buses out of Berkeley? In the East Bay Express, J.Douglas Allen-Tayor thinks so.

Anna McCarthy tells where all those Berkeley bingo "non-profit" millions ended up. A sordid story, indeed, from the Express.

And here's a scary story from the El Cerrito Patch: Albany high school kids have ended up in the hospital after eating cannabis brownies—and the proposed new Albany pot super-store hasn't even opened yet.

From Nate Pitts::The man who brought down the tree sit is in Santa Rita awaiting trial for battery. Austin White, the accuser of the People's Park tree sitter Matt Dodt, was arrested in People's Park on Monday Jan 8th. He had threatened violence towards three people, and punched and punched a fourth man in the head, mere feet away from UC police. The entire case against Matt is based on the testimony of this violent individual, who claimed he was a peacekeeper. Austin White claimed he was almost murdered by Matt, a story which the judge did not believe. Dodt faces an assault charge, not attempted murder as White and the UC police had requested. Indymedia has an account.