Boy Robbed by Teen with BB gun

Wednesday February 09, 2011 - 02:36:00 PM

On Sunday, January 30, around 9:00pm, three 13 year old boys were playing on McKinley Avenue near Bancroft in the Washington school portable building area when some teens, described as African-American males between 15-18 years old, accosted them with a gun. One of the older boys held the gun to the head of one of the 13 year olds and demanded his things. He searched through the younger boy’s pockets and stole everything, including keys, wallet and other items. The thieves then ran off southbound on McKinley. 

The teen with the gun was approximately 5’10”, medium build.  

The other two boys ran to the house and did not lose anything. 

Police apprehended 2 suspects in the area of Blake and Grant St. and they were taken into juvenile custody. A BB gun was recovered on the ground near where the suspects were apprehended.