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Sunday February 20, 2011 - 10:26:00 PM

Angela Hill laments the demise of the Olde Bezerkeley in the Trib.

George Lakoff reveals What Conservatives Really Want on the Truthout website.

Josh Kosman in the Chronicle outs the Vienna Philharmonic, coming soon to U.C. Berkeley's Zellerbach Auditorium, as being STILL a notorious bastion of racism and sexism--and I thought they'd reformed! 

"It's hard to believe that Berkeley didn't have its own wine festival until last year, but it's true — and (better late than never) the second annual Berkeley Wine Festival, a three-month extravaganza celebrating the wines of France, Italy, and California, starts this Friday at the Claremont Hotel, Club, & Spa."--Anneli Rufus in the Express. Only one problem: the Claremont is still in Oakland. Perhaps Berkeley seems classier to the organizers--who knew?