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No More Taxes Blues

By Bruce Joffe
Sunday March 20, 2011 - 11:30:00 AM

Slip-sliding down the highway,

Storm drains need repair.

School teachers are being laid-off,

Pot holes everywhere.

Working people struggle

To pay to keep their home.

They can't take another bill,

And so they cry alone,

"No More Taxes."

Economy is booming In this third world country. 

For the richest one percent, 

The ones who shout with glee, 

"I got mine, and I'll have yours, 

Cause tax don't bother me." 

"No More Taxes." 


They got lawyers and lobbyists 

Who get them off tax-free. 

They choke the size of government, 

Cut services we need. 

"Don't tax the rich" is what they mean 

When they shout scornfully, 

"No More Taxes." 


Republicans support them, 

The party of the rich. 

Democrats, they go along, Been bought and paid to switch. 

Most of us, well, we don't vote, 

Distracted by Fox news. 

Think government can't be our Force, 

And so we sing the blues, 

"No More Taxes."