The Tactics Used to Discredit Library Demolition Opponents Are Wrong (Opinion, reprinted with permission from the LeConte Chat Listserv)

By Vincent Casalaina
Monday April 25, 2011 - 08:00:00 PM

We need more people who stand up to the City when they put one thing on the ballot and then choose to do something totally different. In this case it's about our libraries but this is not the first time we've seen this change of purpose happen with ballot measures - and unfortunately I think it's not likely to be the last. 

In this particular case, the language of the ballot measure is pretty clear. The language makes it look like Berkeley residents didn't vote to demolish libraries. They voted to refurbish the branch libraries, to keep historic architecture intact and to make them seismically safe. 

Whether you believe a new library needs to be built in South Berkeley or not, it's absolutely wrong to disparage those of us who feel there is something wrong with the process that allows city government to raise funds for one project and then to use them for a totally different purpose. I am not a party to the lawsuit but I object to the tactics that have been used to discredit its supporters. 

Let's keep the discourse civil and on topic. Let's make sure that the funds we voted for are used as the language in the ballot measure states. In this case - let the courts decide what we actually voted for.