Public Comment

Disappointed In Berkeley

By Kathleen Wilson
Monday May 16, 2011 - 04:48:00 PM

We’ve just returned to the east coast from 10 days in Berkeley and are still recovering from the greeting we received. We have relatives in the area and decided the best way to visit was to rent our own place. We did through VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owners), finding a very attractive and affordable duplex two blocks from our family on Derby Street.  

Our first afternoon we walked up to Shattuck for an ice cream, returning in an hour to find our place (and the owner’s) had been burglarized. The Berkeley Police responded within a few hours to take down the list of our losses and the investigate the details of the robbery. What we learned from them was truly a disappointment.  

They know who the likely group of young men are but doubt (from past experience) anything will be accomplished by bringing them in. None are 18 and the city DA will not prosecute them. Their suggestion: look on Craigslist and call them if we see any of our property.  

Well, the electronic equipment and the camera can be replaced. However, the bracelet I just started wearing belonged to my mother who passed away in January. Rather than have it sit in a lock box, I chose to wear it in remembrance of her. It’s value: priceless. Replaceable? Never.  

And Berkeley, I’m disappointed in your apathy. A week to the day we were robbed, we observed the Berkeley Police Department at another house two blocks from our rental. More victims with no hope for recovery of their valuables or a system that cares. Please be aware of what's happening in your town and do something about this situation. Talk to your neighbors, put up signs, keep your eyes open. Get involved.