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Evangelist at Sather Gate

By Steven Finacom
Tuesday May 17, 2011 - 09:47:00 PM
Sather Gate Evangelist
Steven Finacom
Sather Gate Evangelist

Asserting God-struck truth and speech 

He stands before our bronze-bound Gate 

Ordained himself by Faith to preach 

At college, though he can’t relate. 

No reasoned doubt Empirical 

Disturbs his present, Revealed, cause 

Apocalypse or Miracle, 

The world towards Fate divinely draws. 

On May two-one we all will end 

Or Rapture to a greater gate 

That God himself doth staunch defend 

Whilst flinging Evils to their fate. 

The student lot is sad, alas— 

The world ends after Finals pass. 


(#1 in a periodic series of reflections in verse and pictures on the Berkeley community. Steven Finacom)