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Around and About . . . Poetry

By Ken Bullock
Tuesday May 17, 2011 - 10:05:00 PM

Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore, poet, impressario of the Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company in 60s Berkeley, embraced Islam--and Sufism--in 1970, after two books of poetry, published by City Lights.  

He traveled in Africa and Spain and renounced writing for some years, eventually "renouncing his renunciation," taking up the pen again--and writing plays again and establishing a puppet theater as well. He's been called "the Poet Laureate of American Islam." He'll read with others on Friday night, 7-9, at the Ta'leef Collective, 43170 Osgood Road, Fremont (445-1911; talk about his new book of poetry, Invention of the Wheel, and other work with Jason Van Boom and Baraka Blue (participants at the Ta'leef Collective event), 6-9 p. m. this Saturday, with Q-&-A and booksigning to follow. Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, 1433 Madison Street, between 14th & 15th, downtown Oakland (near the Main Library).$5-$10. 832-7600; (On Sunday afternoon, Moore will read with music at Bird & Beckett in Glen Park, San Francisco. 415-586-3733; )