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Jesus Slept Right Through the Second Coming (Song)

By Carol Denney
Wednesday May 25, 2011 - 01:10:00 PM

Jesus slept right through the second coming 

snored his way through most of judgment day 

disappointed lots of pious people 

apocalypse should never end this way 

Jesus slept right through the Day of Judgment 

and of course it’s no surprise he takes the blame 

that’s kind of how it’s done when you’re a Christian 

And Jesus knows that’s how you play the game (chorus) 


sorry you spent money getting ready 

stocking up on end of time supplies 

putting up the dog with Jewish neighbors 

selling stuff and saying your goodbyes 

Jesus understands you’re disappointed 

especially if you were in ‘94 

he says he really did plan mass destruction 

but stayed up really late the night before (chorus) 


heaven knows it’s hard to be a savior 

and you shouldn’t make a promise you can’t keep 

but Jesus says he’s sorry and to tell you 

apocalypse requires a good night’s sleep 

try to make the best of it together 

make friends with the heathens at least try 

you missed the Rapture, but he reassures you 

at some point he promises you’ll die (chorus) 



Jesus knows you’re sorry it ain’t over 

sorry as a dog without a bone 

Jesus knows you’re sick and tired of living 

even Jesus wishes you’d go home