Is Saint Joseph the Worker Church on the Verge of Closing??? (Reader Report)

By Amy Morales-Ambriz
Tuesday June 07, 2011 - 05:50:00 PM

This past Sunday June 5th 2011, father Jorge Crespin, who has been at St Joseph’s for over 40 years, announced at the 11:00am Spanish mass with a sad heart that he has been ordered to leave the parish. 

Father Crespin, who retired a few years ago, remained at St. Joseph's by the request of the parishioners. He was kept as Pastor Emeritus. Father Stephan was announced to be the new priest in charge, but due to health issues he had to leave. Now for the past 2 years, Father John Direen has been placed in charge of the Church. 

At first all was welcome, and the parishioners wanted to get used to the new priest. But after two years, the Church has gone into a deeper economic deficit, Father Crespin has been told he must leave because the church is heading into a new path and he does not fit into the new plan, and the people of the church are not being told what is going on.  

Apparently 2 other Catholic churches that Father Direen was in charge of no longer exist, and we believe that Saint Joseph the Worker is next on that list. Last night, Monday June 6th, a candlelight vigil was held outside of the church!! And tonight there will be a meeting at Finnish Hall at 7pm to see what steps the community of Saint Joseph the Worker is going to take.