Changeable the Weather

By Steven Finacom
Wednesday June 15, 2011 - 08:12:00 AM
Steven Finacom

Shall I compare thee to a Berkeley day?

The weather has been so confusing.

Big storm in June! And such a chilly May--

And allergies so not at all amusing.

The hillsides know not when to brown, 

Graduations shivered and took cover. 

The fog comes in and rolls across the town, 

Except when there’s this heat spell, or another. 

But we are not swept out upon the frightful gust, 

Tornado, ice storm, flood or hurricane. 

No lengthy freeze or baking drought and dust 

Legitimate a penchant to complain. 

Thus, living here, we should—both you, and you, and me— 

Appreciate our clime, to its utmost degree. 

#4 in a periodic series of reflections in verse and pictures on the Berkeley community.