Press Release: Berkeley Councilmember Arreguin to Meet with President Obama

From Anthony Sanches
Friday June 17, 2011 - 05:52:00 PM

Berkeley City Councilmember Jesse Arreguín will travel to Washington, D.C. today to meet with members of the Obama administration and attend an intimate reception at the White House with President Obama. Councilmember Arreguín is one of a small number of members of the Young Elected Officials Network, a network of young progressives in elected office, who were invited to the White House to discuss important issues facing states and localities. 

“I am deeply honored by the opportunity to meet our President. As someone constantly on the frontlines of progressive change, I hope to relay to the President the concerns and issues of our community, such as the need to address unemployment, harmful cuts to Pell Grants and housing and community development funding, the need for climate change legislation which invests in renewable energy and green jobs, and the immediate need for immigration reform in light of the high levels of devastating deportations and what’s happening in our own backyard with the impending audit of I-9 forms of workers at Pacific Steel.”