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Letters to the Editor

Monday June 20, 2011 - 11:21:00 AM

Prevention and Health 

The focus of health care should be prevention. People should be taught routines of healthy diet and light exercise. They should also be taught basic methods for centering their minds so that their general outlook is tranquil rather than fearful. 

When people get sick they should be encouraged to maintain a positive outlook. Medicines work better when people are optimistic about the outcome. 

Often a visit to the doctor adds to a person's fear. Doctors usually prescribe medicines without offering encouragement to change one's outlook or to change one's lifestyle. Patients think the medicines will do their work in a chemical way. Doctors don't usually make them aware of the way patient good attitudes can contribute to good healing. 

I am hoping that more doctors will learn now to encourage a person's mind even while they prescribe drugs to heal their bodies. 

Romila Khanna