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Resist the Repubs Before It's Too Late

By James Carter
Wednesday August 03, 2011 - 02:31:00 PM

We must resist what the Mad Tea Party and the RepubliKlan are trying to do in Washington and across the nation. We must fight them and resist before it is too late.  

Do you think it does not concern you?  

It does.  

The far right talks about the government as if it was a family that "overspent" and needs to balance their books.  

Yes, they talk about us like we are one big family. This should serve as a warning to anyone with an understanding of history....  

Some family! This is a family where 2 percent of its members control 95 percent of the wealth! A family where a small fraction of people own and control the media, the banks, manufacturing, the insurance companies, the medical corporations, the oil companies, the utilities, our natural resources, the universities, colleges, the Supreme Court, Congress -- to name just a few of their assets...  

But like the filthy rich everywhere, they are not content! They want to own and control everything!  

This latest push to the right by the neo-fascists in the Mad Tea Party and Republican is part of the strategy of the most chauvinistic, racist and reactionary part of the monopoly capitalistic class to do just that -- own and control everything!  

The far right and their servants are determined to seize complete control over the government, and in the course of that coup, eliminate the rights of workers and the union movement, mark immigrants for deportation, smash the environmental movement, undermine the rights of women, bankrupt small businesses, target all so-called "minorities" as threats to the republic, force all of us to cow-tow to their every wish, and ultimately establish a Fascist Dictatorship in the United States. 


You may say: You exaggerate! Hyperbole! This is just a battle over the "debt ceiling," and nothing more! What the Republican and Mad Tea Party are trying to do is reduce government spending!  

But what ARE the biggest costs to the government paid for by working people and taxes?  

The government spends billions daily on two wars to protect the profits of the oil companies in the Middle East; they spend billions to have troops in Europe and Asia to protect the big corporations there; they spend billions to protect the investments of the Big Banks and other Investors; and come to think of it they spent trillions to bail out the big banks and financial firms, to insure their profits, AND to pay bonuses to people who nearly brought the capitalist system to its knees!  

The puppets of the rich in Washington spend taxpayer money to protect the insurance companies, the corporate-owned medical industry, foreign investments, and to mine the natural resources owned by the PEOPLE of this nation.  

What about Social Security, some would ask. Don't we pay taxes for that?  

We do. AND IT is fully funded by people like you and me. It is safe as long as the rich and their political whores keep their greedy hands off of it.  

Now, turning back to the "debt ceiling": What would the far-right do if the government goes broke?  

They would eliminate any taxpayer support for retirees, veterans, the environment, small businesses, poor people, the unemployed, and even who have mortgages on their homes.  

They would eliminate, or at the very least, dramatically cut social security, though, again, funding for the program is independent of other government spending.  

The neo-fascists, if they get their way, will kill Medicare while creating MORE tax breaks for the super rich.  

To force their way and win complete control for their clients, the super rich, the neo-fascist right is willing to bring the US government to its knees and force it to default on its loans.  

There is a reason why FOX TV and Glenn Beck have been telling people on the far-right to buy gold.  

They WANT the government to default on their loans, they WANT the government to go broke.  

They want US bonds to be worthless.  


Then the Labor Commission can no longer enforce the minimum wage, union rights to organize, or civil rights protections; the EPA can no longer monitor the BIG OIL COMPANIES, which are part of the right wing neo-fascist movement.  

If the government defaults, labor unions and working people with 401 K's will lose their investments, which means the BIG BANKS and BIG CORPORATE FINANCE FIRMS WILL HAVE COMPLETE control over the financial system.  

If the U.S. government defaults on their debts, people who have gold will finally rule -- not just in the general sense that they do under capitalism, where they control the financial and political system. No this means that a specific sector of the monopoly capitalist class will have complete and total rule.  

And my friends, the sector that the Mad Tea Party and the RepubliKlan represent happens to be is the most chauvinistic, racist, reactionary, anti-worker, anti-middle class, anti-environment part of the monopoly capitalistic class -- we are talking about the Koch Brothers, FOX news, and other neo-fascists.  

They are traitors to the US Constitution, which, ironically, they claim to defend!  

Who will stand up to these reactionaries? Who will speak up to their friends and families?  

Each of us must all do out part before it is too late!