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Hot Tip for This Weekend

By John McMullen
Tuesday August 16, 2011 - 01:47:00 PM

Earlier this year I saw BattleStache Studio perform truly witty sketch comedy interwoven with very polished short films. Their madness is inspired, and when they perform, I’m there. 

They are doing it again in SF and Berkeley this weekend, so go and laugh-yao. 

This time is a unified effort with Oaktown Indie Mayhem, and it’s a send-up of awards ceremonies—which seem rife with satiric possibilities. 

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Friday, August 12 at Shotwell Studios, 3252 19th St, San Francisco 

Saturday August 13 at Subterranean Art House, 2179 Bancroft Way. Berkeley 

Show times: 8pm. 

Donations ranging between $12 and $15, but anything can get you into the show.