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President Obama's Lack of an Energy Policy

By Jack Bragen
Wednesday August 17, 2011 - 12:31:00 PM

It is frustrating to watch President Obama floundering in office, when he could be taking some simple steps to make his presidency a better one; in the process it would also make life better for most people. Obama went into office with the promise of hope. Do you remember the T-shirt logo of his profile with the word “hope” underneath? 

Hope would be an energy policy which would change the course we are on as a country. If we created a massive program to put solar energy cells on top of every building that gets exposed to sunlight, imagine the number of jobs that would be created in manufacturing. The second part of this is to create a massive subsidy of electric cars. 

By doing these two things, we could stop using oil from the Middle East, and we would no longer need to have an expensive military presence there. The money we currently fork over for all the oil we’re purchasing could be used for other things. The strain on the economy created by paying for these expensive wars would cease. The issue of global warming would finally begin to be dealt with. 

The rationale at present for not enacting a massive solar program is apparently that solar cells and electric cars are both fairly expensive. Nuclear power is another very expensive way to produce electricity, yet that is being promoted as a major part of the solution. This is despite the fact that we may still not have a good way to dispose of the spent fuel rods. The difference, I believe, is that you can charge money for the electricity generated by atomic energy, while in the case of solar, if it is being generated on one’s own rooftop, it would be hard for the massive energy companies to profit from it. And I believe that’s why my suggestion of “solarizing” the country will never be followed. 

Way back in 1976, Jimmy Carter believed that it was a priority that we end our dependence on foreign oil. This message is apparently being suppressed by the news media. Imagine the position we would be in, had we heeded Carter’s message. 

Rather than the US being destroyed in some massive holocaust, we are being nickeled and dimed to death. It is still an inconvenient truth that we are headed for a substantial climatic change if we continue relying on fossil fuels. And what is the president doing about this? He has put in place higher requirements for fuel economy of cars. However, this is not as bold of a change as is needed. 

I still believe we would have been better off with Hillary Clinton in office. I hope she resigns from the Obama administration and runs against Obama in the primary once again. The truth doesn’t disappear in the process of hiding or obfuscating it. 

I question whether at present the office of President of the United States is truly autonomous or if it is largely being controlled by corporate, money, and power interests that drown out any of the needs of the general public. President Obama is not representing the needs of the people, except for those people who have the most money. He could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I do not perceive his performance as being much better than that of the previous horrendous character.