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Wednesday September 07, 2011 - 05:05:00 PM

UN Vote On Palestinian Statehood; Non-Cooperation; Ditch Plastic; My Apple Addiction  

UN Vote On Palestinian Statehood 

It is sad that the U.S. is trying to stop the U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood by trying to start renewed peace proposals and threatening a veto. Clearly, Israel does not want meaningful peace negotiations. In past private talks, the Palestinians humiliated themselves by offering enormous concessions with the Israelis willing to concede little or nothing. Why should the Palestinians keep trying? And Israel keeps approving new settler homes. Is that a gesture of peace? At partition in 1947, Israel was given 55 percent of Palestine. Today, Israel has 78 percent and wants more. 

The Palestinians have no choice but to call for a General Assembly vote to ratify a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood. If nothing else it may embarrass the U.S. to rethink its lockstep support of Israel. And it will further isolate Israel from the rest of the world. 

Ralph E. Stone 

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The Republican's 2012 election strategy: Refuse to cooperate on any of Obama's economic proposals. That is their whole strategy; The GOP feels that dooming economic recovery is the door to the White House. What malignant thinking. But, it may be working: Republican and Tea Party "do nothing" obstructionism is already eroding confidence in the economy and in the government. The GOP's active resistance to solving economic problems is actually compounding them. Obama is preparing to stimulate the job market and Republicans are already lining up against the President's effort planning to block legislation. Blocking what would be an additional two million news jobs over two years that the economy sorely needs. How insidious the Republican Party has become! 

Ron Lowe 

* * * 

Ditch Plastic 

Might I suggest a very simple way to help small business and the local economy? Use cash or checks to pay for goods and services at small and locally owned businesses. Why? Because every time you use plastic the business pays 3% to 5% of the sale to the credit card company (on top of a monthly fee). Know that the more benefits you receive, the higher percentage the business pays for your use of the card. So you might have thought the bank pays for that airline credit, but really, would you outright ask a craftsperson or the owner of your corner store to help fund your next vacation? 

And while we’re on topic, you already know how much it costs you to use your ATM and debit card. Isn’t it crazy? The more simplified and automated banking becomes, the more profit the bank makes off of our money! So every time you use any kind of plastic the bank makes atleast 3% , (and that’s if you pay your entire bill every month). No wonder they are giving their CEOs 40 million dollar bonuses and laughing all the way to the…. oops! they are the bank! 

Kersten Tanner 

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My Apple Addiction 

I've recently had the disturbing thought that I have an addiction. Nothing of a serious nature, mind you (like smoking, drinking and marijuana). No, my addiction is a more innocent one. I'm addicted to my Apple computer. I swear to Heaven there's some kind of force or energy in that computer, ordering me to turn it on a dozen or more times a day. In the morning, even before brushing my teeth, I turn on the computer to check for e-mail. Generally there's just one -- from Vantage Travel. 

But a few hours later, after I've had breakfast, read the Chronicle and made my bed, I click onto e-mail again. I don't know who I expect to hear from -- the Pope or the President (No, I get daily messages from Obama). 

A couple of hours later, returning from Peet's Coffee with friends, I turn on the computer again. This time the mail's a bit more interesting, like messages from the U.C. Retirees' Board, of which I'm a member, about a meet ing and Fall Luncheon, an invitation to a Garden Reception at the Chancellor's Home and an announcement from the Osher Lifelong Learning Program. I turn the computer off for a couple of hours then and vacuum my living room, all the while staring anxiously at that lovely Apple, again hoping for interesting e-mail. That wish is realized when I find newsy messages from good friends Madeline and Carolyn, both with risque jokes and gossip. 

So, I sail through the day and later at night, checking Apple one more time before hitting the sack, and, lo and behold, there's an e-mail from my friend Eloise suggesting that we see "Midnight in Paris" at the Albany Theatre Sunday afternoon. Actually, I'm convinced that I turn on my Apple dozens of times a day. I'm physically and psychologically unable to walk past the blasted thing, so am considering draping it in black so I won't waste precious hours checking e-mail! 

Dorothy Snodgrass 

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