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Berkeley Arts Festival Continues

By Bonnie Hughes
Thursday October 06, 2011 - 02:10:00 PM

The Berkeley Arts Festival, now in residence at 2133 University Avenue, carries on throughout October. Here are the events, day by day: 

October 6, 8 pm--Steve Adams Solo and Steve Adams Quartet, Steve Adams, solo woodwinds and electronics plus Lisa Mezzacappa, upright bass; Scott Amendola, drums and electronics; John Hanes, electronics 

October 7, noon--Jerry Kuderna, piano 

October 8, 8 pm-- "Dan Plonsey's New Montrosities in Jazz" Steve Adams and Plonsey saxophones, Jim Bove, drums, Scott Looney, piano and Steve Horowitz, bass. Plus Fred Frith, guitar and Theresa Wong, cello 

October 14, noon--Jerry Kuderna, piano 

October 15, 8 pm--Jerry Kuderna, piano concert 

October 16, 4 pm--India Cooke, violin; Bill Crossman, piano 

October 20, 9 pm--Darren Johnston "Nice Guy Trio" DarrenJohnston - trumpet; Rob Reich - accordion; Daniel Fabricant - bass 

October 21, noon--Jerry Kuderna, piano 

October 22, 8 pm--Phillip Greenlief, Double Duet, Phillip Greenlief/David Boyce, tenor sax duo Plus Kris Tiner, trumpet; Mike Bagetta, guitar duo 

October 26, 8 pm--Dean Santomieri, Three Stories of Music Plus The Glasses Quartet--Chris Grady, trumpet; Larry Leight, troombone; Dave Mihaly, percussion; and Safa Shokrai, upright bass & compositions 

October 28, noon--Jerry Kuderna, piano 

October 29, 8 pm--Nathan Clevenger Sextet: Aaron Novik, clarinets; Sylvain Carton, tenor sax, clarinet; Evan Francis, alto sax, flute; Sam Bevan, bass; Jon Arkin, drums; Nathan Clevenger, compositions, guitar.  

Suggested donation $10-$20 

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