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Saturday October 22, 2011 - 08:42:00 PM

Let Us Be the Source of Hope and Help  

The world around us impacts us every day. If we are sensitive to other people's needs, we start thinking of ways to extend our helping hands. The idea is not new that the community becomes our real source of help in difficult times but it takes effort to build this kind of community. If we stick with the selfish motive of acquiring more and more material wealth, we end up ignoring the cries of our suffering neighbors. Reaching out to one or two needy persons in our neighborhood makes a good beginning. Help can be extended through exchange of services or by providing needed groceries or clothing. The weather is changing. Some poor neighbors might need food; some might need sweaters or jackets. People with dire needs are being deleted from the list of significant citizens by policy makers in our states. Let us all, by building community, become a source of hope and sunshine for those who are neglected by our Congress. 

Romila Khanna