Wells Fargo Oakland Branch Closed for General Strike

By Hannah Albarazi
Wednesday November 02, 2011 - 12:57:00 PM

One Wells Fargo branch has been shut down because of the general strike in Oakland today.  

"We have closed one store today at 14th and Broadway," Wells Fargo spokeswoman Holly Rockwood said.  

That branch, located in the heart of downtown, did not open its doors at all today, she said.  

Wells Fargo has nine branches in Oakland and the decision to close the one branch was a result of the proximity of demonstrators to the store, Rockwood said.  

"We are deeply committed to the city of Oakland and are one of the top private employers in the city. We contributed to 120 nonprofits in 2010," Rockwood said.  

Occupy Oakland protesters had threatened to march on financial institutions that didn't close today.  

"We are open to discussing issues with Occupy Oakland leaders in the community," Rockwood said.