Public Comment

A Modest Proposal for the 1%

By Wendy Schlesinger
Friday November 04, 2011 - 03:32:00 PM

Concrete proposals are needed for the 1% to step up to the plate rather than feed at the trough, now that they have been identified (as part of the problem). 

Here is a modest proposal for the 1% to become part of the solution to free up enterprise and build the capital of good will through good works that pay off big time: 

I am specifically thinking of the 1% replicating the few programs that exist across the nation that take disadvantaged youth and offer them educational enrichment in a structured program with tutors, Saturday school, counseling, good nutrition and the promise of an all expenses paid college education, starting with paid private high school, if the kids can stick with the program. Each 1% family can make this offer to all of the children in 99 families. 

I have seen the immense success of programs such as Making Waves, largely centered in the poorer neighborhoods of Contra Costa County (such asRichmond) CA and I know that one man on the East Coast originated the concept and also had great success with it. 

While the 1% helps these children from 99 families, they can also hire professionals to provide job training, forestall foreclosure, and otherwise help the parents and grown children as needed. Unemployment will decline, and the public good will increase, as will good will in general.