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Training the Police: SWAT US 2011 (Sidebar)

From the Urban Shield web site
Thursday December 15, 2011 - 08:47:00 AM

During the 2011 Alameda County Sheriff's Office Urban Shield training exercise, SWAT and Tactical Response teams will participate in 29 individual events ranging from Search Warrant Service to Active Shooter/Immediate Action Team scenarios. Teams will arrive on Friday October 14, 2011, and will receive mission and safety briefings as well and an introduction to the latest technology to be used in the training scenarios. In addition, each team member is subjected to a medical assessment and firearms qualification at the Alameda County Regional Training Center Range Facility. 

The training events begin at 0600 hours Saturday, October 15, 2011, and culminate after four 12-hour operational periods, on Monday October 17, 2011, at 0600 hours. Teams are transported to the individual scenario sites located in five separate Area Commands, by vehicles driven by Alameda County Deputy Sheriff's familiar with both the teams themselves and the scenario route. 

Participating teams will be introduced to the latest in tactical medical treatment options and will receive updated information on treatment for any injuries or health issues as a result of the event. Ongoing medical evaluations will occur at Medical Mobile Medical Checkpoints located throughout the exercise for any medical issues that may arise with team members. 

Throughout the scenarios, teams are confronted with events averaging 1-hour-plus in duration, which are designed to test their training, preparation, and decision-making. Teams use technology provided to them for use during the scenarios and are debriefed after each scenario for their immediate feedback concerning the technology presented to them. 

This event is not limited to teams from our regional area, but is open to any team wishing to participate. A team from the Boston Police Department has participated in the event since its inception in 2007. In 2009, the French National Police "Research, Assistance, Intervention, and Dissuasion" (RAID) Team participated. Observers came from many international areas including from Bahrain and the State of Israel. In 2011, teams from Jordan, Bahrain and the State of Israel participated in the training scenarios. 

Urban Shield is a unique and vast tactical training exercise involving thousands of hours of planning and preparation. The event allows participating agencies a practical opportunity to evaluate their tactical team's level of preparedness and ability to perform a variety of intricate first-responder operations. The dual benefit of this event allows each agency to evaluate its own tactical capabilities while training together with EMS, Fire, and EOD to identify our ability to cope with large-scale events at a Regional level. This training event incorporates the National Incident Management System (NIMS) concept which has allowed many participating agencies to expose their personnel to NIMS is a "real time" training venue, enhancing and adding to their skill, knowledge and abilities in the use of this critical incident management tool. 

2011 Teams Being Confirmed Now! 

Urban Shield 2010 / SWAT / FIRE / EMS Participating Teams 

Alameda County Sheriff's Office 

Berkeley Police Department 

University of California Police Department, Berkeley 

California Department of Corrections 

California Highway Patrol 

Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Fremont Police Department 

Hayward Police Department 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 

Livermore Police Department 

Marin County Sheriff's Office 

Newark Police Department 

Oakland Police Department 

Palo Alto Police Department 

Redwood City Police Department 

Richmond Police Department 

Sacramento Police Department 

San Francisco Police Department 

San Francisco Sheriff's Department 

San Leandro Police Department 

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office 

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office 

Sonoma County Sheriff's Office 

Sunnyvale Police Department 

Union City Police Department 


Israeli Special Police Force 

Jordanian Special Police Force 

The Kingdom of Bahrain National Police 

Urban Shield CA 2011